Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Not even five years after this blog first time being published, now there are HOLEs EVERYWHERE!... Yeay!...

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HolEstic Forms

˝The small things could be a symbol of somethings even smaller, or a symbol of somethings bigger... Even bigger than our own world... Something very big, could be a symbol of somethings smaller... Even smaller than the hole of our own belly buttons.˝
By Galigo Patalino in Missing Point.

Quoting db: Let's go and grab Roberto, Reverend King, and TuHanTU.... and wake up them up first with "Hole Folding" and see if the Hole Folding Theory is supported by this discussion. I'm using a dESIRED aFFECT module as part of this discussion because it's integral to the "other thoughts".

´What time is it, now? I had two dreams while I was sleeping. One was short and one was a very long dream... Well, thank you for waking me up, db...´ ...lol!

I am now rubbing my eyes, stretching my body to the right and to the left, and from left to right. Doing a bit of ´cobra´ and a bit of the ´cat´ exercise. And then, cracking my neck... ´Any coffee left?´

The long dream was; depressing, scarry, wierd, funny, comforting but strange. There were different race of aliens involved, some are dumb, some are intelligent. They have their own obligations organized according to their forms and how those forms (and obligations) are related closely to the human daily life. There was a specific race that is not allowed to enter the house and communicate with the people of the earth and stuff... (They have the habbit to steal stuff like; ashtray, spoons, tooth brushes, remote control, coffee cups, or even... Your new born babies) It was very long that requires a blog -and time- to write it down. It would be a good stuff to be a cartoon kind of movie.

The short dream was, I forgot my password, so I could not log in as ´Hole Spirit of TuHanTu´ ID, both in ReDefine God and Hole Spirit Social Network.

I changed the password one and a half month a go, and I could not remember what was the new password... You know, one of those ´Big Blank´ thingy... Until -by coincident- I found the new password when I was cleaning up my files in my PC, last weekend.

Despite that I could not log in to Hole Spirit Sos-Net, luckily I could still follow some topics posted in ReDefine God, including the topic of ´The Other Thought´. So then, for several days now I have been thinking of ´Hole Folding Theory´ as the ´other thought´ of the Universe creation as an alternative to the ´Big Bang Theory´. Personally, I prefer to use the Universe Emergence and/or the Universe Manifest...

Therefore this blog of ´Holestic Forms´ is an atribute for the topic of ´Hole Folding Theory´ brought by db in ´Hole Spirit´and ´ReDefine God´.

˝... This discussion was created to demonstrate the other thoughts surrounding the BIG BANG theory....dESIRED aFFECT - to bring the HOLE SPIRIT 11th dimensional jump through the Hole Folding Process initiated on Redefine GOD. The Hole Folder will soon contain several examples of hole folding, describing a theory on creation and evolution.(By db in Hole Spirit)˝

First of all -in my opinion- ´Hole Folding Theory´ could be both; as an additional and/or a subtitude theory to the ´Big Bang Theory´. It depends on how big is ´Big´ (of the Bang) if we are ´hanging out´ in the perspective of the ´eleventh dimension.´

If it was not ´Big´ then it was not a ´Bang´ either. It could be just as quiet as the wet-moisty-stinky-gassy-poisonous fart... You see, it is easier for us to define and to measure what -and how- ´big´ thing is, in the material and the three dimensional perspective, the dimension where we are living. But, is it still the same (big, small, etc.) in the other dimensions? This is the reason why I draw a line of Ligo Patalino above.

Ah ya, Ligo -a student, a writer and a funky rocker- is just a fictional figure in my novel kinda story called Missing Point. In the plot, he using the rock stage as the medium to warn the people about their sinking city.

... Therefore, literally and metaphorically speaking... Let´s rock and roll !!! Read More

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Diagram of Donutverse :-)

AS = Alam Sekitar (surroundings)
SA = Sumberdaya Alam (natural resources)
LH = Lingkungan Hidup (environment)
IPA = Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam (Science)
Tek = Teknologi (technology)
SS = Sistem Sosial (social system) ( middle point= black o )

To talk more about this Donutverse Diagram, join here

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Black HOLE Have Enuff SPIRIT To Get ´Violent´

This composite photo provided by NASA shows A powerful jet from a supermassive black hole is blasting a nearby galaxy in the system known as 3C321, according to new results from NASA. This galactic violence, never seen before, could have a profound effect on any planets in the path of the jet and trigger a burst of star formation in the wake of its destruction. Read story...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Donutverse - Hole & Time Traveling

PatanYali: The Ghost of the Rotten Cities.
˝You can keep your ignorance, greeds, arrogancies, and denials... No problem!
I am here, there and everywhere watching your city SINKING without any hope...˝


Thank you again for sent me the article. I do also interested in this tophic of ˝Time Ttraveling˝ as the matter of facts, one of main character in my writing called ˝PatanYali˝ is a time traveller, based on an ancient tale of my ancestors, once mentioned in John Perkin´s ˝Pshyconavigation˝.

I do have my own perception of what ˝time line˝ is. But I more into ´art´, and that perception of mine I connecting it into one of architectural theory of drawing.

Ori's latest research suggests time machines are possible without exotic matter, eliminating a barrier to time travel. His work begins with a donut-shaped hole enveloped within a sphere of normal matter.

We're talking about these closed loops of time, and the simplest kind of closed loops are circles, which is why we have this ring-shaped hole," Ori explained.

Inside this donut-shaped vacuum, space-time could get bent upon itself using focused gravitational fields to form a closed time-like curve. To go back in time, a traveler would race around inside the donut, going further back into the past with each lap. (For more detailed, click here)